Reflexology is based on the principle that every organ, gland & part of the body corresponds to a reflex point in the feet.

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Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment, balancing the whole person - mind, body and skin, using a combination of massage & essential oils which are carefully selected & blended to suit the individual.

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Facial Treatments

A facial treatment containing a blend of Aloe which is nature's most natural moisturiser, together with being the finest restorative, soothing, conditioning & dry skin treatment to offset the hazards of time & environmental pollutants.

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"Reflexology has enabled me to relax and let go." - Jacky

"I'm put in a state of bliss." - June

"I experience an oasis of calm and de-stress at the end of a manic day. It's just a shame that her treatments cannot be bottled. " - Ruth

"I find aromatherapy massage for all my arthritic pains in my back, hips and knees, very beneficial. I am able to relax and feel a very good warm feeling over me" - Betty

"I so look forward to my Aromatherapy massage. I arrive in a rush with my shoulders up under my ears and a million things to do on my mind. I leave floating on air, calm, balanced and ready to face the coming weeks with renewed energy and enthusiasm." - Karen

"It gives me the opportunity to express feelings/emotions and to gain a sense of control over my illness." - Sarah (1)

"I have regular Reflexology treatments to promote and maintain my well being which in turn benefits my young family. I have profound restorative sleep the night after the treatment." - Debbie

"I have Reflexology to complement my healthy life style and to maintain balance and well-being on my body. Reflexology hi-lights areas that are not in balance which means I can be proactive in preventing any serious problems. She does indeed have magic fingers, one of those special people you don't meet very often." - Sarah (2)

"The massage greatly eases the discomfort in my back and gives me much greater mobility. In addition it releases tension and allows me to enjoy my pastime which is ballroom dancing." - Jean

"Reflexology gave time for me to relax and get rid of stress. I felt like I had an insight and understanding of what was happening inside my body." - Suzanne

"Wonderful relaxed feeling, 'Me Time'! Helps me to be more grounded." - Paula

"My treatments feel like the best part of the day. The holistic approach that Jackie takes is like being supported along stepping stones across a river to a place where you feel safe and rested." - Sarah (3)

Please note that all treatments are available to ladies only